Episode 9 - March 23, 2020

What to Expect when You're expect()-ing (feat. Jessica Sachs and Lachlan Miller)

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In this episode, we have two special guests, Jessica Sachs and Lachlan Miller, who both work on Vue Test Utils. Jessica is the Staff Engineer at Intent and the maintainer of Vue Test Utils. Lachlan Miller, from Australia, is a full-stack developer who specializes in Vue.js, React.js, and TypeScript. You will learn all about what they are doing with Vue Test Utils. Also, other topics include Mocking, Stubbing, Mount, Shallow Mount, and many other things. Find out from Jessica a couple of cool “spoilers” that they are working on too.

About our guests: Lachlan Miller

Name: Jessica Sachs

[00:00:49] Jessica and Lachlan give a brief introduction how they started working on Vue Test Utils.

[00:02:32] Jessica and Lachlan discuss working on a rewrite of Vue Test Utils in Type Script.

[00:04:22] Find out what Lachlan says what’s a priority for them in the next version of Utils. Also, there is discussion of examples of things that Vue Test Utils wasn’t really built initially to help people test that they are now learning.

[00:07:35] For those who don’t have much background with testing, you can hear how Vue Test Utils fits in the larger scope of application and where does Vue Test Utils fit with Jest and Cypress.

[00:13:08] Mocking and Stubbing are explained as well as the difference between Mount and Shallow Mount.

[00:26:36] An important topic Lachlan discusses is documentation and what the team needs to focus on.

[00:31:54] Jessica touches on one of the things they are hoping to address in documentation, and she spills out a couple of cool “SPOILERS!”

[00:35:41] What is this talk about, “Imposter Syndrome?” It’s just human, let’s say.

[00:39:18] Jessica mentions things she built on Vue Test Utils before and things she’s trying to refine.

[00:44:32] Find out why Jessica has a “beef” with the existence of set props.

[00:48:21] A question was asked what everyone’s main use of set props is, so listen to hear what they said.

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