Episode 70 - July 19, 2021

🍍The Pinia Colada Song with Eduardo San Martin Morote🍍

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Today on the Enjoy the Vue our team are joined by Eduardo San Martin Morote, to talk about pinia! We kick things off by discussing some general experiences using global stores in Vue and how pinia compares to these, before making some more direct comparisons with Vuex. Eduardo unpacks the role of pinia, and what inspired the project and making it available to the public. We also get into some discussion on server-side rendering, with Eduardo sharing his thoughts on making the work more automatic and convenient. We also get to hear from our guest about his thoughts on making the transition from a personal project into something open-source and available on GitHub. Towards the end of our chat, Eduardo offers some ideas about keeping a good work-life balance and swapping between passion projects and client work, before we round things up with some great picks from the world of books, games, and television!  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The panel's experience working with global data storage methods for Vue. 
  • Some background information on pinia, Eduardo's store for Vue.
  • What differentiates pinia from similar stores such as Vuex.
  • Common mistakes that Eduardo has seen being made in Vuex.
  • Why Eduardo felt it was necessary to create pinia instead of using the composition API. 
  • The benefits of server-side rendering and routing; transparency and convenience. 
  • Eduardo's own use of pinia and how he applies it in his work with clients. 
  • Transitioning an experimental solo project into production and the mass market.
  • Clearing up some confusion around the composing stores on pinia. 
  • How Eduardo balances his workload, between projects and client work.
  • This weeks' picks! Eurovision Song Contest, Overland, Shadow and Bone, and more!


“I face the different problems. I face different teams, different application architectures. That's what I use. I use that knowledge to build the APIs that could work in all these scenarios.” — @posva [0:29:05]

“I think, sometimes you also need to push the thing a little bit, because if you want to get more users, you need to announce things. You need to talk about the thing.” — @posva [0:36:03]

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