Episode 39 - October 26, 2020

Applying to Speak at Conferences

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We often touch on the topic of conferences and today we are doing a bit of a deeper dive on the subject, looking at the application to speak at events and more! We start off this episode with some initial thoughts and early experiences that we have had, and the lessons that are quickly learned when you get into the public speaking game. We think about what motivates people to pursue the stressful and sometimes terrifying job of speaking to groups of people, last-minute preparations, and the impetus that presenting gives a process of learning. Throughout this chat there are a host of tips on offer, from avoiding Q & A sessions to accepting topics you do not already understand, so make sure to keep a notepad on hand to up your game! With conferences being such a great place to network, make connections and form important friendships, no matter how you engage with events, we highly recommend at least attending these kinds of gatherings – you never know what might come of it! We finish off this exploration thinking about virtual events, conference call tech, and more, so make sure to listen in with us today on Enjoy the Vue!


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