Episode 32 - September 14, 2020

Career Growth vs Work-Life Balance

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Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today we’re here to talk about this mythical thing called “Work/Life Balance.” We talk about our relationship to development right now and its impact on our life. The topic of work hard mentality and imposter syndrome is discussed, especially with developers around the world. The discussion turns deeper about making time to do other things that are important to you, outside of work. Also, we discuss our work life development, if we are happy, or if there are any changes we want to make. By the end, we hope you'll find some words of inspiration.


[00:01:28] Tessa tells us a little about a blog post by Pine Wu and everyone shares their thoughts on being a developer.

[00:05:37] The panelists tell us what their relationship to development is right now and how do they strike that balance.

[00:15:02] Chris talks about developers around the world, how different their work schedule is, and the pressure for developers to make every moment optimal. Ari, Ben, and Tessa share their thoughts with the work hard mentality and imposter syndrome.

[00:23:35] Chris talks about the Deci and Ryan Self Determination Theory about how humans are motivated and has an awesome personal story to share. ☺

[00:28:06] Ben shares some thoughts about being in tech, work life balance and spending time doing other things that are most important to you. Ari shares some thoughts about constantly evaluating what’s important to you.

[00:33:29] Chris talks about his cognitive capacity and needing cycles in his work life and Tessa talks about struggles with employers and co-workers and having to be in constant communication with them and being stuck in the same cycles.

[00:37:40] Ari tells us her thoughts on how she keeps work life balance while keeping current on skills.

[00:40:25] Chris and Ben discuss about not needing to have all the answers, but it’s good to know how to ask the right questions.

[00:45:19] Chris shares a story, Ben tells him something inspiring, and Chris, Tessa, and Ari tell us personal stories of things that happened to them with work related issues.

[00:48:04] Chris tells us about taking more time for his personal life these days and how money to him is just freedom. The panelists tell us where they are with their work life development and if they are happy or if they want to make changes.

[00:53:33] We end with Ari, Chris, Tessa, and Ben sharing wise words of advice.

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