Episode 29 - August 10, 2020

Start With Logging: A Whirlwind Tour of the Many Worlds of Debugging with Amal Hussein

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About our guest: Amal Hussein

Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today, we have special guest, Amal Hussein, who is a Principal Software Engineer at a company she hasn’t announced yet, it’s top secret since she just started. We are going to be talking about debugging and application profiling and how they intersect. Amal tells us her journey to debugging and has tips on where to begin if you’re just starting out. Ari and Ben share some debugging stories and Amal gives them advice. We will also find out Amal’s thoughts on logging and applications monitoring tools. Find out what tool Amal uses for debugging that blows everyone’s mind! Download this episode now!


[00:03:13] Amal tells us her background story and Tessa asks about her interests with debugging and why she is so passionate about it.

[00:07:22] Amal tells us her journey to debugging, how she got better at it, and if she was trying to teach somebody who’s new to debugging where they would start.

[00:11:26] Ari and Ben share debugging stories and Amal shares some advice.

[00:22:29] Tessa tells us experiences she’s had with Vue and getting bugs and it’s been a common experience across Vue, Angular, Angular JS, and React, so she wants to know when you get into this kind of situation what would you do there?

[00:26:48] Amal talks more about the profiling part.

[00:32:30] For all the beginners out there in terms of performance for the front end, Amal shares a tip for starting out.

[00:37:15] Ari asks Amal how do you break that habit in an organization of just assuming that because a bug manifests in the UI that it’s a UI problem?

[00:42:08] In regard to logging, Amal tells us her thoughts on the application monitoring tools, like Sentry.

[00:46:25] Having good Handshakes between the errors is discussed more in depth.

[00:53:48] Amal gives us a quick hit list of when, how, and why you would debug, and best practices for debugging. She mentions console.trace and minds are blown!

[00:00:00] Amal tells us where you can find her on the internet.

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