Episode 27 - July 27, 2020

Are You Not VuePressed

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Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today, our topic is all about VuePress. Ben has done a lot of work on VuePress and he’s on the VuePress Core Team, so he is going to be answering a lot of questions today from Chris and Tessa. We learn what VuePress is, how it started, and what the future holds. We also learn about what Hexo is and how Vite Press comes into play with the future of VuePress. If you want to learn more about VuePress and where to start, download this episode now!


[00:00:50] Ben tells us what VuePress is.

[00:01:43] Chris wants to know when he would use VuePress and if there’s some kind of enterprise boilerplate where someone could see an example of an integration with VuePress into a project.

[00:04:20] Chris wants to know how Vue Press started and what are its origins?

[00:06:17] Chris and Ben tell us what Hexo is.

[00:07:36] Ben tells us what the future of VuePress holds and where is it going.

[00:10:07] Tessa wonders how does flat structure work with scaffolding and the VuePress structure and she wonders how does VitePress come into play with regards to the future of VuePress?

[00:14:59] Tessa wonders if she wants to integrate VuePress into a React project or an Angular project, does she need to worry about having a certain file structure or will she be able to take advantage of that smart feature of Vue Press?

[00:16:13] Going back to the idea of being able to include snippets from the code base in VuePress, Tessa feels like there’s some potential for overlap with them, something like Storybooks. She is wondering how you divide the responsibilities between two tools like that.

[00:20:09] Chris wants to know if there’s anything else in the future of VuePress that Ben is thinking of or someone else is thinking of something that may or may not even make it into VuePress but it’s a twinkle in someone’s eye? ☺

[00:21:41] Chris has two final questions for Ben. Does VuePress use VuePress for its docs and if people want to learn more about VuePress where do they start?

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