Episode 26 - July 20, 2020

Learning How We Learn

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Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! In today’s episode we are going to chat about what it’s like to learn new things and development challenges that can come with keeping up with the latest and greatest. We will talk about comments, context, and conference talks. We will also discuss language in writing code and how it can be frustrating at times. Ari, Tessa, and Ben all share some great stories and advice. Have you heard of “Onion skinning?” Download this episode to find out what it is and much more!


[00:00:50] Ben starts things out by telling us he’s always trying to hack on new technology methods and trying to keep up with new libraries getting released, so he asks Ari and Tessa what would be their first instinct to learn about Vue 3 Teleport? Tessa’s answer is the BEST!

[00:04:31] The topics of comments, context, and conference talks are discussed here.

[00:11:00] Ben asks Ari when she starts getting into the deeper level things, the written piece, what are some things she finds that have been helpful or things that have not worked when she reads blog posts or those kinds of things? Tessa has some things to share as well.

[00:18:40] Ben asks Ari and Tessa when it comes to learning new things, are there things that they have come across, whether it’s writing styles or talks and are there things that get in the way of your learning?

[00:24:00] Tessa brings up something in animation called “Onion skinning” and she explains what it does. Ben talks about writing and how it’s a difficult skill which most people don’t have a lot of training in.

[00:27:57] The panelists all discuss language in writing code and how the intent is to make something less intimidating, but it frustrates people sometimes.

[00:33:01] Tessa tells us a great story here about some advice she got from a product manager she met. Ben also has a great story and advice to share.

[00:38:35] Tessa mentions Linux and included language and how it is hard to figure out how to sign up for it, but there is a website that will help you which is linked below.

[00:39:15] Tessa talks about learning journeys and how everybody’s situation is slightly different. Ari mentions how it’s a very important skill being able to teach a concept as well as to be able to give constructive feedback.

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