Episode 25 - July 13, 2020

Understanding nextTick

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Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today is a panelists episode with Ben, Ari, and Tessa. We’re going to talk about a little concept known as nextTick. Ben has never had to use nextTick in his code, but Tessa and Ari are resident experts, so they will be answering questions from Ben. We will learn what nextTick is and the difference between local and global versions. Ari and Tessa also tell us different scenarios they have run into using nextTick. To end the episode, Ari and Tessa give us some final tips about nextTick, and you may laugh. ☺ Download this episode now!


[00:01:11] Ari tells us what nextTick is and Tessa tells us about the differences between local and global versions.

[00:03:43] Ari and Tessa tell us scenarios they’ve run into as far as needing nextTick.

[00:08:26] Ben is curious about “chaining” in nextTick. Tessa explains this and she also mentions her talk she did at VueConf US 2019, where she broke down a bunch of different ways to nest nextTick.

[00:13:06] As far as nextTick goes, Ben wants to know if this is something that Ari and Tessa would recommend people only reach out to when things start to be inconsistent or when should someone use this?

[00:18:55] Ben wants to know if nextTick is used improperly can it cause performance issues or not quite?

[00:23:54] Tessa wonders if Vue3 comes out, if she follows the style where her JS is at the top of her single file component and open it, she will see at the top what props it accepts and also what events that she has decided this component will emit?

[00:26:20] Ari and Tessa give some final tips about nextTick stuff.

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