Episode 23 - June 29, 2020

Venturing into Vite with Evan You

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About our guest: Evan You

Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! Today, we have a special guest, Evan You, Creator/Project Lead of Vue.js. We will discuss with him all about Vite, Vite Press, and Vue. Some other topics we will talk about as well are, Hot Module Replacement, React, Preact, and VuePress. Also, find out why Tessa says, “It’s like you’re throwing out all these stars and then seeing what constellations surface!” Download this episode now!


[00:01:08] Evan tells us what’s the deal with Vite.

[00:08:01] Evan explains Hot Module Replacement from a practical standpoint. He tells us there are a few different ways to handle it.

[00:10:08] Tessa mentions reading a piece Evan wrote in Increment Magazine about the way Vue 3 re-renders things. She was wondering if working through those problems is what inspired Vite and Vite Press or if he just makes new projects like those every couple of years.

[00:15:47] Evan tells us how he made the decision to go with Rollup putting together Vite, and what that was like versus Webpack. Also, Ben wants to know if there would be a path forward where developers could use Vite in their development experience?

[00:21:43] React and Preact are discussed here by Evan.

[00:25:10] Tessa wants to know if there are any features that Evan wishes Vite had right now but doesn’t yet, and he explains a few.

[00:27:06] Tessa asks Evan, thinking about the first user experience, when people go to Vue docs and they have you import the script file and you make your first component in line JavaScript, do you think that might be replaced by spinning up the Vite app in the future?

[00:31:05] Ben asks Evan since he currently uses VuePress and loves it, does he have any ideas, roadmap wise, whether you see it as the replacement as a VuePress 2.0 or would they live side by side?

[00:40:43] Evan talks more about the process of idea generation and how he creates new things. Tessa has an amazing metaphor at the end, according to Ari ☺

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