Episode 16 - May 11, 2020

TypeScript with Vue and Vuex (feat. Jack Koppa)

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About our guest: Jack Koppa

Welcome to Enjoy the Vue! On today’s episode we have special guest, Jack Koppa, Lead Front-End Developer at Politico. He fills us in on how he got into the Vue community and why Vue was the best choice. We also discuss TypeScript and the non-sunshine and roses parts of using it. How does Jack think the transition will go from Vue 2 to Vue 3? Download this episode to find out! Oh, and Chris’s complaint line is open again this week so just reach out to him @gloomylumi ☺

[00:01:00] Jack fills us in on what his first front-end framework was and how he got into the Vue community.

[00:2:48] Jack tells us the reasons why Vue was the best choice and Ben chimes in as well to tell us.

[00:06:20] Tessa wonders with a team that is so design heavy, did Jack find the designers were also empowered to make changes if everything looked more like HTML and CSS if they had a JSX file.

[00:07:35] Chris wonders since Jack seems to like Typescript as well, how has his journey been and what were the reasons that he brought TypeScript into Vue. Also, did he do it right from the start or at some point afterwards, and he explains.

[00:12:53] Tessa asks Jack if it was always a question of TypeScript vs no TypeScript or did anybody want to test something else like Flow?

[00:14:24] There are some advantages to the JavaScript application, particularly in Vuex. He explains the “non-sunshine and roses” parts of using TypeScript.

[00:18:42] Speaking of documentation, Jack explains if he’s found when using TypeScript with Vue it has affected onboarding, whether to make it more complex or more structured for people who are new to play.

[00:21:55] For the downsides of using JavaScript, Jack and Ben explain if they see any of those getting better with Vue3 or the next version of Vuex.

[00:27:34] Tessa wonders how does Jack think the transition will go from Vue2 to Vue3, especially if TypeScript is kind of implemented and he is intrigued about it.

[00:29:41] Tessa wonders if there are any kinds of tools that are good to work with TypeScript.

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