Episode 15 - May 4, 2020

End to End Testing with Amir Rustamzadeh

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About our guest: Amir Rustamzadeh

Today on our show, we have Amir Rustamzadeh. He is Head of DX Engineering at Cypress. We will be talking with Amir all about testing. We go into end to end testing and what it’s all about. If you want something that speeds up your development, then you need to listen here. The panelists all share their experiences with it as well. There are some really great picks of the week that you won’t want to miss. Let’s just say Chris trolled Ben on something and it made them all laugh!

[00:01:27] Ben jumps in right away and asks Amir when it comes to front end frameworks what was his first one and how did he come to join the Vue community?

[00:03:46] Amir talks about how he’s heading up developer experience. He announces Ben is on the team now! YAY BEN! ☺

[00:05:07] Tessa wonders when Amir is going around to solve problems, does he find that a lot of teams have very different ways of looking at Cypress usage or end to end testing, and if so, how does he resolve that or try to work on this kind of experience that works for everyone?

[00:06:47] Chris and Amir explain what end to end testing is.

[00:13:23] Ben explains what end to end testing means to him and Chris talks about the two things that you need to test in your application.

[00:21:54] Amir talks about something he’s been advocating for recently that has to do with testing and developing apps, so listen here find out. He also explains “introspection.”

[00:26:30] A great question is asked by Ari who wants to know what are some of the barriers to entry that people find that is making it so they’re not doing this and how can you address those issues? Amir responds.

[00:29:04] Tessa asks Amir if he’s speaking to a team that has a setup already, where would he have them start or how would he convince them to adopt a different testing?

[00:38:31] Amir talks about what Cypress released in the recent version of Cypress 4.3 and 4.4, which is better error reporting that is significantly better. There are also some new improvements on the way as well.

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